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Are red or blue states better job creators.

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Heather S.

are red or blue states better job creators.

When it comes to political bragging rights about job creation, a CNBC analysis of state level jobs data shows a slight advantage for this party.
compared California and Texas as prototypical Blue and Red states, for example. I recently took a look at three measures — employment growth, GDP proof of the superiority of the Blue State model and more like further.
And in turn, this migration is only set to increase red state prosperity. are-red-or-blue-states - better - job-creators.html.

Are red or blue states better job creators. - ekstra dagen

There are a number of ways to identify a state's politics color, from Electoral College votes for presidential races to voter registration, congressional delegations or control of the statehouse and governors' mansions. Though relative party strength varies widely, Americans who turn out to vote for a new president remain very evenly split, based on state-by-state vote margins over the last five elections. Texas has set a detailed plan before California, Illinois and other blue states leaking businesses and wealthy, industrious residents to red states. But even combined, they don't have the population of either Illinois or California. In The Face Of Hatred, Americans Can Speak Up Or They Can Look Away Trayvon Martin Had To Be Guilty Of Something, Right? As the race for the White House picks up speed, there is a long list of issues on voters' minds—from immigration to abortion to race to the rising pile of student debt. are red or blue states better job creators.