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Dr. Harold Bornstein described Trump's health as 'astonishingly excellent.'.
Donald Trump's doctor told CNN in an interview he stands by the letter he the physically capability of being president, Dr. Harold Bornstein told CNN's Drew " They can only tell us what the candidate allows them to reveal,".
Dr Harold Bornstein says US leader famous for his distinctive hairstyle takes prostate-related drug that stimulates growth. "Latinos For Trump" Warns Of Taco Trucks On Every Corner
He told the New York Times that he had had no contact with Trump since he took office, and no one from the White House had asked for copies of his records. Your video begins in. Trump's lab "test results were astonishingly excellent," he wrote, mimicking the grandiose verbiage of his candidate-patient. That's not an outlier situation," Studdert said. At the time, urologists who were not linked to Trump said he must have received medical care for an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. The case argues Bornstein "prescribed unnecessary barbiturates and other drugs to the decedent with full knowledge that these medications were not necessary" and that some were "greatly in excess of appropriate dosages. entry trump doctor harold bornstein us afebebc
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