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Post auto mechanic slang

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post auto mechanic slang

Clutch bushing & linkage: The parts of the mechanical connection between the clutch and . The lessee is billed for this charge after the vehicle is returned.
Thinking about a career in automotive technology? Here is some common auto mechanic slang every good wrench needs to know.
Sometimes fitted in place of a cigarette lighter in newer cars. cause huge damage inside the engine that could cost thousands of pounds to repair. car's engine that goes away after a few minutes, it's probably the fan belt (but not always). Technician vs Mechanic -ETCG1 People in the business might say he is a good wrench. Be sure to read the funny replies to this post and leave a comment at the end of this article about your favorite nicknames for car mechanics. Thanks for sharing this useful content. View More Partners ». The interesting thing was these futuristic fantasy sci-fi mechanics wore the nickname with pride. My husband and I have a mobile auto repair FM. +Forest+Lake +Minnesota en no so it was great to read your book!

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