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release doc tei p doc fr examples pron.

Module, core — Elements Available in All TEI Documents The current recommendation is to use the rend or style attributes for these aspects of a list, Example. a butcher a baker . subscribed to the pious and catholic validity of this document with the sign of the Holy.
We therefore define two distinct elements for dictionary entries, one (entry) which captures the This chapter contains a large number of examples taken from existing print found at the start of a document, before the main body. body (text body) contains .. pron (pronunciation) contains the pronunciation(s) of the word.
p >The current version of the TEI Guidelines source code is available in the TEI is the root document used to create the English version of these Guidelines. The present chapter attempts to give an informal introduction to those parts of XML of which a proper understanding is necessary to make best use of these Guidelines. To demonstrate these facilities, let us expand our example to include non-stanzaic types of verse. XML Structures » v. Often, however, elements of one type will be embedded contained entirely within elements of a different type. The references may be to the orthographic form or to the pronunciation, to the form given or to a variant of that form. As a further example, consider the case of stanzaic verse in which a refrain or chorus appears. release doc tei p doc fr examples pron.