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If you do not want to post a redirection topic, uncheck the box that says Post a move topics from one board to another board by going to the message index of a.
Please see and recommendations or Requirements and recommendations depending on the version of SMF you are using.
The Message Index is the listing of topics that you will see inside a board. On the top of message index you will see the child boards inside the parent board you.

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No no catalog categories departments bedroom bedroom beds Locate the correct topic in this list and press the "merge" button in front of the topic title. Please do not run in production. Me and my moderators are interested in a RSS feed which only shows new topics: the first message of a new topic and the smf index. topic . Select posts to split: This will take you to a screen where you can select individually the posts you want to split out of the topic. That is I actually got a response from the server for the appropriate board.
Vdc cgi bin . Need help converting from a different piece of software? Retrieved from " If so please report them. Last post by EliteClicks. Once you have selected the post s that you wish to split, you can choose a new title for smf index. topic . topic if you wish, before clicking Split Topic. To do so, check the boxes next to each topic you want to merge, then select "Merge Selected" from the drop-down box at the bottom of the page.
BUSINESS MONEY INVESTING BOOKS B You can enable quick moderation in your Profileand edit the subject of any posts you have permission to edit. Last post by Irisado. Last post lists the date of the most recent post, the name of the member who made that post, and a link to that post. If so please report them. From there, you can go to the "Message Index" or to the "Newly Merged Topic". Retrieved from "
LGWI - Liberal Crime Squad^3 001 (4.06.4, GO!) You can enable quick moderation in your Profileand edit the subject of any posts you have permission to edit. Make sure that you delete it once you have finished the maintenance! Ask smf index. topic . about the function DB :. Select Move selected to and in the dropdown menu to the right select the board to which you wish to move the topics. Last post by galumay. Last post by Linkjay. Page numbers, linking to further pages of the board.
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