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Diamond F.

sports bsb bios grove alex xk

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I'm considering buying a XKR but I'm wondering what effect the sport / dynamic button near the gear selector has on the car's.
Traffic light jumps to green, we are testing the sport / dynamic mode of the Jaguar XK! Try holding a constant throttle then pushing the button. The suspension adapts to our driving patterns, so initially it's firm although not massively firmer than normal then softens up if the throttle and steering inputs are light. On my XFR dynamic mode is better on a nice cross country drive. Throttle response, steering, exhaust note, all the electronic gizmos etc. The Porsche is rawer, so if that is what you prefer mire sports, then the Porka is the way forward. My Profile My Preferences My Mates Search My Stuff What's New :. sports bsb bios grove alex xk

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