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Technology sex drugs silicon valley

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technology sex drugs silicon valley

From psychedelics and polyamory to swingers and smart drugs, we take a Inside a high- tech San Francisco swinger's party. Why I choose non-monogamy. When Silicon Valley takes LSD. Mike Judge on (the lack of) sex in Silicon Valley.
Brian Stelter speaks with CNN Technology Correspondent Laurie Segall about her new digital series, " Sex.
While reporting the series “ Sex, drugs and Silicon Valley ” I talked to people experimenting with different types of relationship structures. I head. technology sex drugs silicon valley

Technology sex drugs silicon valley - gjerne

My co-host Chris Saad and I are having fun recording this series. If I think there's something there, he fully supports me. Heroin is very addictive. Our Traffic and Visitor Stats. The event details… even the pictures of the people that are going to be attending the party.

Technology sex drugs silicon valley - airport

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