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TEKNOLOGI NorthDesignSuite DLayout tabid language en US Default.aspx

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North Design Suite Software Modules DESMAN™ rig and sail CAD modeling ▻ SPIRAL™ creates the sail “mold” ▻ 3D LAYOUT ™.
North Design Suite · Desman · Spiral · 3D Layout · Flow · Membrain · SailScan 3DL Teknologi · Hvordan lages et 3DL seil? 3DL Fakta om Produksjonen ·.
The results have given us great confidence that North's “VWT” predicts results with more accuracy than wind tunnel sail testing of any kind. VWT provides.

Can contact: TEKNOLOGI NorthDesignSuite DLayout tabid language en US Default.aspx

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N M EUROPA ST OPP FOR. Note that headstay and mast are. Most modern sails achieve their three-dimensional shape through the contour of numerous panels of sailcloth sewn together in a process called broadseaming. North Sails er også verdens ledende seilmaker når det gjelder One Design og seil til olympiske klassene. The molds can be adjusted to shape sails of widely varying cambers. North Design Suite Software Modules. Unlike any other sail laminate, no films are used. Programmable molds are draped with Mylar film and then a computer-controlled system applies precisely tensioned yarn over the Mylar.
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Baudet worked hard to lay them down under equal tension, so as to lock in the shape. The sail held its shape in strong winds and stood up to wear and tear. North Sails produserer i tillegg mer cruising seil årlig enn noen andre seilmakere i verden. Later, he and his friend Luc Dubois brought the idea to North, and the project was set in motion. North's proprietary design software creates a custom "mold" file for each individual sail. This causes the laminate to conform tightly to the mold in a manner similar to a shrink-wrapping process.