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Topic being gay with a j pouch

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topic being gay with a j pouch

I'm just curious as to how having a j - pouch can affect your sex life if you're in Obviously, anal sex seems to be the hot topic - specifically for the.
Topics. AIDS · Christianity · Homophobia · Orientation change? Homosexuals do not like this phrase, and note that gay bowel syndrome “is neither results in bowel movements emptying in a pouch carried on the abdomen). . Miles AJ, Allen-Mersh TG, Wastell C. Effect of anoreceptive intercourse on anorectal function.
The unique point of my story is that I'm a old gay male, and so, I would also get a psychological nausea from the worry of food being in my stomach . it to my healed rectum, but keep the ileostomy and give the J - pouch time to heal.
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