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What columbine victim are you


what columbine victim are you

Would you survive the deadly school shooting at Columbine High School?.
Columbine Massacre trivia quizzes in our People category. 25 Columbine Massacre trivia questions to answer! To find out the answers, enter if you dare.
This is a list of the 24 victims who were injured or died during the Columbine High School *Note: Teacher Dave Sanders was the third victim to be shot, but the last to die. . Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Use the weapon I picked and try to kill. Can't find a community you love? Retrieved from " missiontobelize.org? Which "group" are you in. Are You a Hypochondriac? what columbine victim are you

What columbine victim are you - redigere

Contact Us Contact Us. PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE! Columbine Wiki is a Fandom Lifestyle Community. Children's Online Privacy Policy Children's Online Privacy Policy. Thirteen more would die before Klebold and Harris turned their weapons on themselves and took their own lives.. Rating helps us to know which quizzes are good and which are bad Create a quiz on GotoQuiz. My pocket knife that I mentioned in the first question me:still a rebal.